About Us
Sun Finance Co., Limited is an authorized financial company incorporated under the Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Mainly engaged in various types of loans, in order to meet the financial needs of different customers. Diversified financial products including: personal loans, HOME mortgages, equity financing, equity mortgage, corporate finance and SME lending, the Company's professional team has extensive experience to fully understand the customer needs, provide tailor-made for all customers the loan scheme.

Company Mission
Sun Finance Co., Limited offers a wide range of credit services to provide professional financial management solutions for customers in different levels. In the same time, our company also highlighted the importance of staff training in order with a good reputation base on friendly service and make sure customer are satisfactory on our product.

Corporate Vision
Sun Finance Co., Limited are now located in Mong Kok branch. Our company is actively expanding business and plan to continue recruit additional staff in the next three to five years to explore different markets and products. In the future, we hope that through understanding and care, to support our customers' financial needs, establishment of mutual trust and rely on partnerships, which makes Sun Finance Co., Ltd becoming a high quality, excellent financial institution which target on our valuable customer confidence and assurance.

Money Lenders Licence:
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